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Do androids dream of electric sheep novel by philip k. dick PowerPoint Presentation

Do androids dream of electric sheep novel by philip k. dick - PowerPoint Presentation Example He swore to protect the andys as without doing so, he could no longer be considered a member of the Mercer. All other characters in the novel were against the androids except for Harry and John who made it possible for them to exist or live. Generally, it was in this chapter that thorough investigations were instigated to find and eliminate androids especially by Deckard who was one of the corps. In chapter nineteen of this novel John and Baty can be seen having a little misunderstanding. The misunderstanding in this case is brought about by the issue of the bounty hunter who was seen approaching their apartment. John was being told by Baty to keep the hunter from entering the apartment, did not listen and exited the apartment continuing his journey to where he always released the spiders given to him by Mercer. On reaching the point, He meets Deckard who talks to him after a flashlight has lightened up in his face. The conversation between Deckard and John in this case was all about the live creatures that were put down by John. Deckard who wanted to know the apartment from which John collected the spiders didn’t succeed as John was not willing to tell him with the reason of protecting the three andys. Actually, this chapter of the book depicts on the various conversations and actions by John, Baty and Deckard. The Androids that were being protected by John were later done away with or killed by Deckard after mimicking John Isadore’s voice that made the androids to open the door. Deckard in this book was said to have a listening gear that could help him in identifying the androids in their hidden location. Generally, this chapter depicts on how the androids were killed despite the protection that was instilled by John. This chapter depicts on the conversation between Harry, Deckard and John after the death of the androids. Harry is mentioned in this chapter telling Deckard on his action of sending a crew to help in picking or taking away the

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Research paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 26

Research Paper Example However, marked differences can be observed between the film adaptation and the original short story despite both of them being based on similar subjects. This paper will attempt to highlight the differences between the two - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Sleepy Hollow – and will try to compare the two based on elements including plot, characterization, and theme. It is quite common that books being adapted into films lack consistency. While the author may have chosen to present the story line in a different manner, there are many aspects of the story that are not retained during film making. Similar is the case with the film, Sleepy Hollow, which although follows largely the same story line, but differs on the basis of several aspects. The plot for a large part follows the similar super natural scheme as the original short story. The para-normality is one aspect of the original plot that is particularly retained including the use of the same time period. This adds a tinge of horror in the film. For the most part, the plot is changed where Ichabod works in forensics as part of the police while the original story depicted Ichabod as a teacher. This change significantly affects the story line where Ichabod instead of being stupefied becomes determined to find the truth behind the horse rider. The story is extended to include the depiction that the headless horse rider is actually a ghost of a mercenary who died during the revolutionary war. Then follows a story where Ichabod attempts to uncover the truth behind the apparition of the headless horse rider. The change in the story line produced several changes into the characterization of Ichabod, Brom, Katrina, and the inclusion of other characters. In the short story, Ichabod’s character is displayed as having many flaws despite being a strong character. Ichabod while

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The Letter of Paul to Romans Essay Example for Free

The Letter of Paul to Romans Essay Romans is the longest and most theologically significant of the letters of Paul. It can be described as a tractate letter, one that is composed of a theological argument or series of arguments. A letter essay as it may be, it was received by the people of the church at Rome who were mostly Gentiles. Paul, as the author of the letter to Romans, must have written the letter in Corinth. This is most likely on the near end of his third missionary journey. While there is no certainty of the date in which the letter was written, A. D. 57 is the best alternative. Preparing his way for his planned mission to Spain, Paul might have written his letter for the particular reason of asking for support from them. Yet he also presented his matured views on the issue between the Jews and Gentiles and the law and gospel. In addition, he set forth a teaching on a basic system of salvation that Rome had not received from an apostle ever since. In his letter, Paul explained why it is necessary for God to manifest His righteousness and that humankind can experience this righteousness only by faith. All have sinned and cannot be brought into a relationship with God by mere good works. God alone can change this by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Through Him, we can be justified before God and this justification can be gained only by faith. Justification means being blameless to God and this can be achieved by having faith in Jesus Christ. Through Christ, we can be freed from the bondage of sin and hence, sin can no longer dictate our actions, decisions, and our very lives. This is the power of God for salvation shown through the gospel to us. Paul, as well, emphasized that even though God had made a covenant to the Jews, being born as a Jew does not mean that they are automatically saved. It is their shortcomings to accept God’s righteousness that is to be blamed. Also, Gentile Christians (including us since we are not Jews) are not to boast and be arrogant on this matter for it is from Israel that salvation has come. Thus, we are ought to respect each other and humble ourselves down. The Christian is to serve God, as stimulated by His grace, by putting on the armor of light. This means that we must leave behind the deeds of the darkness and that we shall not grant the desires of our sinful nature. We are also ought to love others as ourselves no matter how unlovable they are for Jesus Christ died for them as well. Though free from the law, we still have to submit to the government because God has delegated His authority to them too. In this modern era, many circumstances might hinder us from doing good works. Yes! It is through faith that we are saved but faith without works is dead. Therefore, our lives must reflect on whom we put our faith in. Whatever this contemporary world throw at us, we must stand firm in our faith and even in our actions. Furthermore, do not let good works do the saving rather, mix it with faith and allow God to do the work of salvation. As the saying goes, walk by faith and not by sight.

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Externality Definition Essay Example for Free

Externality Definition Essay 1. An externality is defined as a benefit or cost that is imposed on a third party, such as society, other than the producer or consumer of a good or service, or, more simply, an economic side effect. The more of a product that is consumed or produced, the more of an externality that results. When discussing externalities in general terms, positive externalities refer to the benefits and negative externalities refer to the costs associated with the production or consumption of a good or service. Public goods are one of the more common examples of positive externalities. Public goods are goods which are difficult to exclude people from benefiting from or from getting a free ride. Public goods, such as national defence, clean water, clean air, law enforcement, etc., are generally good for most, if not all of society. Negative externalities exist in many situations. One of the most common examples is that of pollution. In these situations, the producer and consumer finance the goods produced but society must bear the cost of pollution that is introduced into the environment as a by-product and is thus a negative externality. Using the above mentioned example of negative externality, pollution, a steel producing firm might pump pollutants into the air. While the firm has to pay for electricity, materials, etc., the individuals living around the factory will pay for the pollution since it will cause them to have higher medical expenses, poorer quality of life, reduced aesthetic appeal of the air, etc. Thus the production of steel by the firm has a negative cost to the people surrounding the factory-a cost that the steel firm doesnt have to pay. 2. Negative externalities are a property rights problem. Who owns the air that the steel mill pollutes? Ronald Coase put forth the solution which is known as the Coase Theorem: Under perfect competition, once government has assigned clearly defined property rights in contested resources and as long as transactions costs are negligible, private parties that generate or are affected by externalities will negotiate voluntary agreements that lead to the socially optimal resource allocation and output mix regardless of how the property rights are assigned (Ronald H. Coase, The Problem of Social Cost, The Journal of Law and Economics, October 1960). In other words, if there are negligible transactions costs, as long as someone owns the rights to the air around the steel mill, the efficient outcome will prevail. For example, if the steel mill owns the rights, then the individuals that live around the mill will be willing to pay the steel mill not to produceup to the cost that they are incurring from health care, reduced aesthetic appeal of the air, etc. This amount that they are willing to pay becomes an opportunity cost for the steel mill if they produce. Thus they will cut production to the optimal level. On the other hand, if the people own the air, then the steel mill would have to pay them that same amount for the right to produce. Thus the negative externality is directly added to the steel mills marginal cost. 3. Based on experience, this theorem would not apply to the steel industry case discussed above. For example, with a steel factory that trespasses on the lungs of a large number of individuals with pollution, it is difficult if not impossible for any one person to negotiate with the producer, and there are large transaction costs. Hence the most common approach may be to regulate the firm (by imposing limits on the amount of pollution considered acceptable) while paying for the regulation and enforcement with taxes. This adds to the producers marginal cost and will cause them to reduce output.

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Set It Off (1996): An analysis

Set It Off (1996): An analysis â€Å"What is the mother fucking procedure when you have a gun to your head† (Set it Ooff- Frankie). Those are the last words Frankie says before she is shot and killed by the LAPD. Set it off Off is a crime movie, that follows the struggle and lives of four different, but similar African-American women in the projects of Los Angeles. All their independent struggles come together to create the climax to the movie. It sets the tone and makes their lives all relate back to each other. The story focuses on four main characters: Cleo (Queen Latifah), Stony (Jade Pinkett- Smith), Tisean (Kimberley Elise), and Frankie (Vivica A. Fox). Cleo, Frankie, Tisean, and Stony are all best friends and have their personal struggles and all agree they want to get up and put of the projects and begin to live the American dream. Set it off is an action, crime drama that takes place in the projects of LA. All of the female characters have lived in the projects their whole life and find that robbing banks would be their only way out. Frankie, having worked at banks for years prior, feels that her knowledge of the bank system meant that they could get in and out of the banks quickly and with a lot of money. At first Stony and T.T. dont agree with the idea, until they have their own struggle that pushes them over the limit. Stonys brother, Stevie, was brutally murdered by the LAPD, and T.T.s son was taking taken by child services for a work related accident. After these tragedies happened to the other two ladies, they agree to help rob the banks. At first they are successful and they get away the first few time, until they rob Downtown Federal where police detectives just gave a brief on the string of robberies respond to the silent alarm. Once they arrive back at the bank they, are in a stand off with three of the women and T.T. ends up getting shot and later dies in Frankies arms. This leads to a police pursuit of the remaining girls and also the death of Frankie and Cleo. Frankie out of the four women had the best life; she recently received a promotion at her job, where she is a bank teller. This all changes when a couple of thugs from the projects come into the bank and rob it. Frankie is slow to give up the money so one of the robbers grabs an older lady and shoots her right in front of her. After the robbery she is interviewed by detectives from the LAPD about her relation with the robbers. After the detectives are through with the interview, her boss fires her on the spot for the fact that she knew the robbers. After she was fired she joked with the girls about how they could rob banks and get away from all their struggles. Cleo having troubles of her own is excited and wanting to go through with the plans. When she is fired from the bank her pursuit of the American Dream is shattered, she sees that robbing banks is quick and easy money. Cleo is a â€Å"crazy† girl from the Acorn projects of Los Angeles; she is up for anything that gets her blood pumping. She is in a dead end job and is ready to do what she has to do to get her and her girlfriend out of the hood. She feels that if she doesnt get out of the hood shell either be dead or in jail, and that to her is not an option. She really hasnt had parents around in her life so she feels that her girls are all she has in this world, and she is really close with Stony and relates to her the most. Cleos American Dream is fixing up her 66 Impala and smoking weed in a middle class neighborhood where bullets dont fly by. Stony has had to grow up fast. Her parents were killed in an automobile accident when she was a young teen. She had to then start providing for her and her little brother Stevie. He was bound for UCLA, but due to finciancal issues he was not sure if he was going to be able to go. So her being the provider and not seeing any other option she has sex with a used car sales men for money. Stevie had recently graduated from high school and was college bound, when he was coming back from a friends house and the SWAT team was doing a raid on bank robbing suspects and mistook him for the suspect. They asked him to freeze and show his hands , while pulling out his hands he pulled out the bottle of champagne he also had in his hands, they SWAT team also mistook that as a gun and vicious shot him to death. When she sees her brother she acts as any one would having lost a loved one and falls to the floor and sobs. After loosing her brother she feels that she should also get out of the ghetto and agrees to help rob banks. Having to help raise her brother with little income she feels what Tisean is going through and they can relate. Stony now has no reason to live anymore her friends is all she has and she know that living in the hood could jeopardize her life and her friends lives too. Tisean is a single mother; she doesnt say much and keeps to herself. She works along side Cleo and Stony at Luthers Janitorial Services, but due to the fact that her boss Luther takes taxes out of her paychecks, she cant afford a babysitter and has to bring her baby to work with her. Her baby gets into some cleaning products and gets rushed to the hospital, where child services takes the baby from her until she can prove to be stable enough to raise the baby. This makes Tisean very depressed and in need of money fast so she also agrees to rob banks to get her son back. Tisean just wants her baby back, her son means the world to her and she feels lost without him. So having him back in her life would be her American Dream. Having all agreed to rob the banks they rely on Frankies insight on banks to get them through it, Cleos connection for weapons, and Stonys leadership and street savvy to get through their destruction. At the first bank robbery T.T gets nervous and backs out at the bank, so it leaves the other three to rob the bank. They all do well for it being their first robbery and they make away with 12,000 dollars, but that only being 3,000 a piece they know it is not enough to leave the hood so they decide to rob a few more banks. After all four women successfully rob a few more banks they need some place to keep the money so they decide on a heater duct at the building they clean. This is a good plan until Luther, their boss, finds the money and steals it so they go on a hunt for him. Knowing that all there American Dreams are at stake they go on a manhunt for their boss. They find him at a motel with a prostitute, and they bust in and demand the money form him at gun point. Cleo turns her back on him and he pulls a gun on Cleo. That leaves Tisean with no choice, but to shot and kill Luther. This puts the girls in a panic and they decide to rob Downtown Federal, a major bank in downtown LA. Knowing that this bank is big and has a lot of money this would be their last chance to achieve the dreams they have set out to achieve.Moment s before the robbery at the bank the same two LAPD detectives from in the beginning gave a brief at the bank about the robbers, so when they go to rob the bank the detectives are not far when the silent alarm goes off. Once they arrive at the bank the detectives and the women are in a stand off when a guard at the bank decides to take matters into his own hands, and he starts to shoot, hitting Tisean in the chest. The other women return fire and pull Tisean out of the bank into the get a way car. They shot out is know in the streets of downtown and their get a way car is taking heavy fire so they have to switch cars. Once they arrive at Cleos car they go to start her car and move the money, but by then its too late. Tisean had lost a lot of blood and passes away in Frankies arms. They leave her there in the car and proceed in Cleos car, still having the police right on their tails. They have no time to think so they decide to split up in a tunnel. Frankie and Stony run with half of the money, while Cleo continues in the car until she hits a roadblock and her car cant take no more. Cleo being the fight she is gets out with a machine gun and opens fire on the LAPD and she is shot to death by them. The other are still running and Frankie gets surrounded by the police , and one of the detectives approaches her unarmed to talk some reason into her and have her surrender. Jail not being an option for her she pulls her gun and ask the detective â€Å"What is the mother fucking procedure when you have a gun to your head† (Set it off- Frankie). She then starts running when an officer shoots her in the back and killing her while Stony is looking this from a tour bus on its way to Mexico. Stony on the other hand gets away and gets into Mexico, having so many memories about all that she lost her feels that she needs change so she cuts her hair and drives to the beach. All four women made the choice to take part in the violation of the law, but all four saw it to be a way out of their personal struggles and live the lavish life they saw advertise everywhere. Although three of the four women died that was all a price the women were willing to take, they knew it was that or the streets.

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Living And Dying Essay -- essays research papers

Living And Dying   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Tuesdays With Morrie was an excellent book in many ways. It opened my eyes up to how I would like to die and what I would like to pass on to my loved ones. I don’t always tell my parents and brother that I love them, although very rarely do I tell my closest friends. After reading this book it has helped me be more open with my feelings. After all I will never know when I will die; it could be today or it could be in 70 years. I need to start living life like there may not be a tomorrow. If I do this, even half the time, then it will make me a better person. There are several topics of life that I need to start doing to make sure that when I die I feel complete.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  When I die I would like to know that I have done most everything that I would like to have done. Obviously, I will have some regrets but who doesn’t. I would like to make sure that my family is taken care of. That my grandkids have enough money to pay for college. I liked when Morrie talked about how people are always buying new cars, but all they really need is people to love them. Before I die I would like to make sure that my friends and family know how much that I care for them. In order to do this I need to make sure that I communicate to them. I shouldn’t be afraid to share my feelings. But for some reason it is hard for me to express what I feel. Although I’m working on it, it will take some time. My attitude on the baseball f...

In The Skin Of A Lion Essay -- essays research papers

When studying a novel it sometimes helps to look at the language used in a specific passage. In the novel In The Skin of a Lion by Michael Ondaatje, this approach is extremely helpful. It will help you better understand the characters and give you a clearer idea of what the author is trying to say. Within the novel, the passage entitled “The Skating Scene,'; where Patrick observes the loggers skating late at night, is stylistically interesting. By looking at metaphors, symbolism and diction, we can gain a better understanding of the characters and make connections within the scene and then to the novel as a whole.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In “The Skating Scene'; many metaphors are used throughout, making is very poetic. One very powerful metaphor seen in this passage is: “This was against the night'; (page 22). This emphasizes the light and dark imagery found in this passage. Ondaatje points out that for Patrick day is work and night is rest, however, he sees the loggers skating and having fun at night. They are going against what Patrick has been taught. In a way they are showing him a new side to life and he is transfixed. This sense of excitement is also shown in the pace of the passage. As the loggers are skating the pace gets faster, and then starts to slow down when he goes back home to his routine life. By going against the night, the loggers are essentially breaking the rules: “Their lanterns replaced them with new rushes which let them go further past boundaries'; (page 22). This idea of going past boundaries reminds us of a part later in the novel. Patrick goes past boun daries when he sets fire to the Muskoka Hotel on page 168. Instead of being an observer like he always is, he actually steps in and goes “against the night.'; By comparing Patrick in “The Skating Scene'; to when he goes to the Muskoka Hotel, we can see how he grows and changes throughout the course of the novel.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Another powerful metaphor in this particular scene is: “And a moon lost in the thickness of clouds so it did not shine a path for him towards the trees'; (page 20). This metaphor again emphasizes the light and dark imagery in the scene. Even though there is no path for Patrick to follow, he still finds his way to the skaters by travelling towards the light from their l... ...ple, “….they could leap into the air and crash down and it would hold the,'; (page 22), “When they collided sparks fell into the ice….'; (page 21), and “their lanterns…..let them go further past boundaries'; (page 22). Personification is also used to show that the skaters have magical powers: “A tree branch reached out, its hand frozen in the ice, and one of them skating under it'; (page 21). The idea of witches and magic reminds us of a quote on page 93. Patrick talks about Clara and says “ Something about her cast a spell on me…I don’t know what is it.'; It seems that Patrick is fascinated with people who possess these magical qualities.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  It is evident that by doing a stylistic analysis of a passage, we can get a better understanding of characters and make connections within the passage and then to the rest of the novel. This is certainly the case with “The Skating Scene'; in Michael Ondaatje’s In The Skin of Lion. The metaphors, symbols and diction he uses in this particular passage clearly show that he is truly a brilliant writer.